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04 जनवरी 2014

Herbal home remedy to quite tobacco

Today you will know very useful and tested home remedy to quite habit of taking tobacco. This is very well tested and proved on many patient.

Ingredients- Fennel seed 100gm, Celery 100gm, Black salt 60gm and two normal juicy Lemon.

Preparation- Make powder of Fennel, Celery and Black salt and mix properly after that squeeze both lemon in that mixed powder. Spread in a steel plate and keep in moon light for a night. After that roast in a pan until it become dry. And keep in a glass bottle. The medicine is prepared.

Usage- If you feel craving of tobacco take a teaspoonful this powder and chew slowly like tobacco. Continue use of few weeks will remove the habit of taking tobacco. It also enhance the work of digestive system and use of Forty consecutive days, peaked on lung stained by tobacco consumption are also erased. This is completely safe and tested formula without any side effect.  Try it and share with friends, who need it.

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