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09 सितंबर 2012

Health benefits of Chyawanprash

Health benefits of Chyawanprash

Chyawanprash is well known popular Ayurvedic medicine of Asia(India) and its sub continent.It is a powerful combination of over 50 herbs and plant extracts in a base of Amla (Indian Gooseberry fruit pulp). Chawanprash is derived from a 2500 year old Ayurvedic formula. It is completely chemical-free, natural and safe. The first historically documented formula for Chyawanprash is found in the Charak Samhita, the ancient Ayurvedic treatise written by sage Charak in the 4th century BC. Prepared from more than 50 plants, fruits, roots, herbs and minerals in a base of Amla fruit pulp, it works on the vital internal defense mechanism and increases the body's natural immunity. Chyawanprash is considered a Rasayana under Ayurveda characterised by benefits of maintaining youth, vigour and vitality.


Benefits of Chyawanprash

  • Powerful anti-oxidant
  • Strengthens body's internal defense mechanism
  • Builds immunity
  • Protection against oxidative injury due to smoking

Main Ingredients in Chyawanprash

Amla :- Amla Fruit is rich in Vitamin C and Pectin. Tannins present in it retard the oxidation of Vitamin C. It is a well known fact that pectin decreases Serum Cholesterol in human beings. It inhibits Platelets aggregation and lowers cholesterol levels. It is a tonic, has a haematinic and lipalytic function useful in Scurvy and Jaundice, prevents Indigestion and controls acidity as well as it’s a natural source of anti-ageing. It is one of the supplements used in hyperacidity and Liver disorders. It stops premature graying or hair-loss encourages nail and hair growth, improves eye-sight, cleanses the mouth, and nourishes the teeth, bones. Cleanses the intestine and promotes normal blood sugar levels.

Ashwagandha :- modulates body functionality so as to control stress and regulate immunity.

Pippali :- supports lung functions.

Kesar :- energises the body and promotes skin health.

Guduchi :- gives strength both physically and mentally. It also has astringent properties which rejuvenates the immune system.

Karkatsringi :- beneficial for respiratory health

Shatavari :- helps to promote general health and increases stamina

Bala/ Vidarikand :- helps to fight general weakness and gives strength and stamina.

Directions for taking Chyawanprash

Chyawanprash has a tangy sweet-sour taste and the consistency of jam. It can be taken directly or in milk and as a bread spread. In all cases its therapeutic properties have proven to remain stable and active. 1-2 teaspoonfuls a day.

The principle of Chyawanprash

Ayurveda looks beyond individual symptoms into the total human system…the sharir (body), manas (mind) and atma (soul). Ayurveda recognizes three basic forces or elements that control that control all physical and mental processed. Vita controls moments within the body. Pitta controls digestion and all biochemical processes. Kapha controls the tissue fluids, cell growth and firmness of the body. Imbalance of three forces causes illness. Ayurveda prevents imbalance or restores balance. 

Ayurveda sees the totality of a human being as a dynamic balance of myriad related, often contradictory, elements in motion. Looks for clues not only in the body, but in behaviour patterns, moods and thoughts. It seeks to allay symptoms by correcting the total balance, not attacking individual symptoms. 

History of Chyawanprash

According to the Mahabharata the classic hindu epic, Chyawan was one of the eight sons of Bhrigu and Puloma. He was physically weak due to his premature birth. Maharashi Chyawan married King Sharyati’s daughter Sukanya at an old age. Sometime after the marriage, the twins Ashvini Kumaras came to the hermitage of saint Chyawan and offered him a medicine after the use of which the saint regained his youth. That drug was named as ‘Chyawanprash’ after the name of Chyawan.

If you have any question about Chyawanprash or want some info about it, feel free to ask through comment.

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