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17 जून 2013

Now what is the future of Bihar?

JDU is now separate from NDA.

What is the future of Bihar now?

A question asked to Nitish Kumar. 

Q. You had an assurance from senior BJP leaders that your views would not be ignored while deciding NDA's PM candidate? In fact, some of them are reported to have told you that your continuance in the NDA would help them stall Modi in his tracks.

There were many things which were discussed informally. However, the fact is that these things don't matter. After the developments which have rapidly unfolded, there remains only one relevant fact, that the BJP has entered a new era which will be dominated by just one individual. Everybody else has been tamed into submission and has become irrelevant. Issues and ideology don't matter. A situation has been created where BJP people in Bihar are wary of praising the achievements of a government of which they were a part. They are scared that they would be seen as running down another "model" of development. People are scared of even talking of Bihar's asmita (pride). This is not good for democracy. I say this with a sense of responsibility. An entire party has been bulldozed in the name of workers and cadre. Whoever criticizes gets abused on  Twitter and Facebook. Abuses are heaped on journalists as well as others, who don't agree with a particular viewpoint or join in the propaganda. Is this democracy? What happened to right to dissent? All these things helped make up our mind.

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