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12 नवंबर 2013

Maoist Killed 3 in Amkola village

Maoist Killed 3 in Amkola village

Maoists killed three persons and injured many at Amkola village in Gaya district of Bihar, police said on Monday.

The Maoists swooped on the village on Sunday night, picked up six-seven people from an ongoing cultural programme and took them away to a nearby spot where they fired at them indiscriminately, sub-divisional police officer Rajesh Kumar said.

Police confirmed the death of village head Sanjay Yadav, saying he was the main target of the Naxal attack.
The Maoist claimed that Yadav was a police informer, and deserved death.
During their attack, the rebels burnt Yadav's vehicle and took away his rifle, a pistol and around 100 cartridges.

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