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28 सितंबर 2012

Health benefits of Amla fruit

Health benefits of Amla fruit.
Amla is very known fruit for us. Everybody is its fan. There are also antivirus properties in its tree shadow. It’s also known as immortal fruit in some places. Its scientific name is Emblica officinalis. The fruit and seed both are useful of Amla.
          Its fruit has protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamin C, vitamin B1, Ascorbic, nicotinic acid and glucose. Amla removes hundreds of disease. But the jam of Amla, which made by boiling in lime water can be tasty but it can’t be useful. So we should to use commonly green Amla.

Following is the simple and Ayurvedic method of use of Amla- 

Take 500 gm green Amla and 100 gm green chili. Cut the Amla and removes its seed, now grind both item in grinder without water and add 50 gm rock salt powder, mix properly and keep in a glass pot. Every body of your family can eat this as tasty sauce. Green chili increases hemoglobin and mixture with Amla provides great nutrition. Use of this Amla sauce increases the activeness of body in 24 hrs. Amla is the main ingredients of world famous well known Ayurvedic medicine “Chyawanprash”

Leucorrhea- Take Amla seed powder one spoon and half spoon honey with little candy, take it daily once in morning half hour before breakfast. Continue it for 15 days.

For become young and remove oldness- Take 100gm Amla powder, 100gm black Sesames powder, 50gm honey and 100gm pure Ghee. After mixing properly keep in glass pot. Take one spoon full this mixture daily till one month only. You will be young and you will feel very energetic and activeness.

Fever- Take two spoon Amla juice and two spoon Ginger juice with candy twice daily.

Cough- Take one spoon dry Amla powder and little Ghee mix it and take twice daily, you can feel relief.

For Sugar patient- Take Amla and turmeric powder in equal quantity and mix it. Take one spoon this mixture after every meal.

Acidity- Take Amla powder with honey in morning time or, take one spoon Amla powder, two spoon sugar and two spoons Ghee mix it and eat this.
Jaundice- In one glass sugarcane juice add three spoon green Amla juice and three spoon honey, drink this mixture twice daily till 10 days for complete treatment.


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