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07 सितंबर 2012

Night cream for better skin

Use a night cream for better skin
Night creams work wonders on your skin while you sleep... read on to find out more.

Skin is the most important part of one's body. And it is the most essential part of one's beauty as well. If your skin looks fresh and radiant, there is little that you need to do after that. And in the rush to look younger and slow down the process of ageing, night creams have come as a blessing to women who want to keep themselves beautiful.

So how do these night creams work? And are they any good? Better than day creams? These are the normal questions that arise in a person's mind. But let me tell you, night creams are very good. They repair and moisturise your skin. These are called night creams because you apply them before you go to sleep and when you wake up, viola! You find your skin refreshing and the complexion soft and rosy. This is because the elements used in night creams remove all the dull and dead skin while you sleep. The night creams are thicker as compared to the ordinary moisturisers. Hence, they penetrate deep inside the skin and moisturise it. And the vitamins and snit-ageing components help your skin look younger, wrinkle-free.

Also, when you are sleeping, the deep-breathing helps your skin produce new cells, which also helps in looking younger. But remember; don't apply the night cream on your upper lids of your eyes before sleeping or else you will wake up with puffy lids. So use the night creams and wake up to find a soft and supple skin and feel refreshed.

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