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19 सितंबर 2012

Remove Sty without medicine

Remove Sty without medicine

What is Sty?

Sty is a disease of eyes. It called Guheri in Hindi language and medically also known as Hordeolum. A Sty is a small bump that sometimes appears on the outside or inside of the eyelid. It is a common disease found in all age peoples. 

Sty removing tips


If you are suffering from Sty you may feel watery eyes, pain, tenderness, itching, or redness. Your eye may feel bruised and sensitive to light. You may also notice a reddish bump on your eyelid. See the picture below.


I am not going to give you more details about its signs, symptoms and causes of Sty. May be you know these things and you can find these things everywhere. I am revealing a trick to get rid of it without medicine. This trick is tested upon many Sty patients.

So what are the trick and its method?

It is very simple. Take a disposable needle which must be disinfected. Clean your foot’s toe.  Then prick this needle on your toe on forehead side very smoothly and remove the needle. In this action your blood will come out from your toe, just flow one drop and immediately stick it with wet cotton of surgical spirit to stop more blood flow.
Amazing tricks to remove

But remember! If Sty is on left eye then do this action on right toe. And if Sty is on right eye, do this action on left toe.

If Sty is on both eye then what should do?

Good question. Simply do this act on both toes.

This was a secret which I revealed. If you are suffering from this disease again and again try this. After trying once this trick, this disease will never come near you.
(Note- If Sty is not going after trying this, consult your doctor)

Try it and share your experience through comment section.
Your comments are highly appreciated.

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