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13 सितंबर 2012

Health benefits of Tulsi

Health benefits of Tulsi

Tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum) is the domestic member of Indian society. It is very useful plant. Importance of this plant is very high in Ayurvedic medicines.
This herb is the important ingredients of some classical herbal medicines. It has three types Black Tulsi, White Tulsi and Van Tulsi. This plant is very useful for us. Growing in home is so easy for this plant. You can plant it easily in garden pot. You can grow it in your drawing room and balcony of your home in garden pot. It keeps nearby environment full of slow aroma.

Find the benefits of TulsiTulsi leaves benefits

Today I am giving some easy and useful tips to use this plant as medicine and you can get its benefits. Following are the some use of it on some common disease:

Cough- Take juice of its leaves with honey in equal quantity thrice daily, you can feel relief from first day.

 Lungs problem- Take juice of its leaves with powder of black pepper, take twice daily for one to two weeks.

Chicken pox- Take juice of Tulsi leaves 1-2 spoon three to four times.

For Eye problems- If you are suffering from conjunctivitis then add little honey in juice of its leaves after apply on eyes as Kajal.

On insect bite- Apply its leaves grinding by your finger on affected area, it will give quick relief from itching or swelling of affected area.

For dressing of wound- If wound is not healing easily then wash the wound by the using juice of Tulsi leaves, you can feel the wonder.

Female disease Leucorrhea- Take it leaves juice with rice juice. Drink it at least ten days. You can take 30-35 leaves for this purpose.

In Vomiting- Take Tulsi seed powder with honey and swallow it.

For Migraine- Take Tulsi seed powder half spoon and mix in half glass of water and drink it.

Dysentery with blood- Two spoon Tulsi seed put in half glass water at night, and in morning time drink it after mixing thoroughly.

            If you chew ten Tulsi leaves with five unit black pepper daily in morning time then your heart beat will be healthy and strong. And also you will be able to increase your immunity power. You can collect its seed on its season. These seeds are very powerful. Take one spoon its seed daily and be strong man. Now you can understand the importance of this plant. So, the Hindu community worships it. This plant is truly powerful. This plant has power to remove many diseases.

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